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Identity Security Solutions


Closing the security gap by enhancing MRTDs with dynamic data


The challenge: rubber stamps are crying to evolve 

Not all borders are created equal and most of the accrued security developments are still heavily focused on automated airport-centric border processes. Furthermore, many countries have identified the need to better monitor entries and exits through their borders because of increasing security threats. Yet, this cannot be done with today’s most common entry/exit recording tool: the rubber stamp - a tool that has failed to evolve for the past 100 years.
Additionally, international travel is growing and forecasts indicate that it will continue to experience a significant upward trend over the years. In fact, 3.6 billion air passengers are expected in 2016, 800 million more than in 2011 (IATA). Major technological developments have already considerably improved the processing of travellers at border crossings such as the increasing adoption of biometric passports, the automation of travel-related passenger processes and greater document and system interoperability. Travel stamps though are lagging behind.

EXTENS® SmartStamp

The time has come to transition to a new entry/exit stamp. With EXTENS® SmartStamp, SICPA has opened a new chapter in border control security and identity management.
Combining material and digital technologies, this machine-readable travel stamp can contain both static and dynamic data about travellers and their trips. Security is also greatly improved by covert features and data encoding that allow easy verification and authentication of the embedded information it contains. Printed directly in the traveller’s Machine-Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs), the secured information can only be retrieved by authorised government officials. It enables immediate access to previously unattainable data, such as current or past visitor entries and exits, overstay and refugee status verification.
EXTENS® SmartStamp replaces rubber stamps with a unique and secure travel stamp printed in the passport offering an extra level of security. Dynamic information is generated and integrated into each stamps. This is then automatically linked to the document holder and includes specific data for each border crossing (date, passport number, border location, officer ID and other relevant information).
The EXTENS® SmartStamp provides event traceability and integrity control. 

SmartStamp  machine readable travel stamp




The benefits: EXTENS® SmartStamp


  • Unique for each border crossing event
  • Secure stamp and data authentication
  • Homogenous printing quality
  • Registration proof 
  • Traveller information embedded in the stamp
  • Automated overstay detection
  • Customisable template design
  • Cost-effective roll-out of new stamp template
  • Flexible and easy-to-use solutions
  • ICAO-Compliant


For more information about EXTENS® and our border control solutions, please contact: iss@sicpa.com