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High Security Printing Conference (HSPC) Asia 2016

December 2016
This year’s High Security Printing Conference Asia will be held 5-7 December 2016 in Singapore.

12th Symposium on Machine Readable Travel Documents

November 2016
ICAO’s 12th Symposium on MRTDs will be held in Montreal, Canada 15-17 November 2016.

International Security Printers Conference (Intergraf) 2016

October 2016
To be held in Seville, Spain 5-7 October 2016, Intergraf Security Printers is an international conference and exhibition event that provides a link between technological innovators and institutional end users.

The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) Asia 2016

September 2016
As one of the world’s most important seminars for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation, The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) Asia will take place in Macau, China from 26-29 September 2016.

4th International Banknote Designers’ Conference 2016

September 2016
To be held in Paris, France 12-15 September 2016, the IBDC is a place where industry leaders meet to address issues related to banknote design.

Mint & Print Conference

September 2016
Organised every two years by the Bank of Lebanon, the Mint & Print International Conference will take place in Beirut, Lebanon in September 2016 (dates to be determined).

High Security Printing Conference Latin America 2016

June 2016
As annual an event with a regional focus, the High Security Printing Conference (HSPC) Latin America will be held 20-22 June 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Banknote Conference 2016

May 2016
Held every two years in Washington D.C., USA, the Banknote Conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to banknote industry players to engage and interact on emerging trends and leading technologies. This year it will take place 23-26 May.

Security Document World 2016

May 2016
As an exhibitor since 2010, SICPA will be present at this year’s Security Document World (SDW) 10-12 May 2016 in London, United Kingdom.

Passenger Terminal EXPO 2016

March 2016
The PTE conference will take place in Cologne, Germany 15-17 March 2016.