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In most countries, beverages are subject to excise tax or sugar tax.

The excise tax is based on the percentage volume of alcohol. Combined with their high price, alcoholic beverages are the ideal target for all kinds of illicit trade: counterfeit, tampering, diversion and under-declaration; moreover it represents significant health threats and damage to consumers.


Intended to protect consumer health, the sugar tax, applied on carbonated drinks and fruit juices on the percentage volume of sugar, is also subject to fraud.


The SICPATRACE® system addresses illicit practices by applying specific, physical secured marking on bottles and cans with a unique secured identification code.

SICPATRACE® enables almost real-time monitoring and control of volumes by brand, product type, tax class and packaging type.


Along the supply chain and once available for sale in the market place, SICPA provides a range of audit devices to authenticate beverages. Using these, retailers, law enforcement agents and consumers have the means to confirm authenticity, fight against counterfeiting and protect health.


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