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Currency Protection



Across the globe, cash remains one of the preferred and most widely used payment methods -particularly appreciated for its efficiency and universality. Because of this widespread usage, it is crucial to safeguard the integrity of banknotes as they play an important role in the healthy functioning of society and its economic activities.

Banknote use is closely linked to the confidence they evoke. It is therefore crucial for a central bank to nurture and maintain this tacit agreement of trust between the government and its population by producing a highly secure and durable product enhanced with cutting-edge security features. It also requires an efficient cash lifecycle management to achieve cost efficiency.

Banknote security, however, is not limited to people-to-people transactions. The incessant growth of cash both in terms of volume and usage frequency has increased the complexity and demands of the cash cycle, notably in the management of cash automation, but also in the protection of cash during its distribution phase, such as when stored in a cash machine.

Banknotes, while being a principal means of payment, go beyond their face value and the role they play in financial transactions. They represent the image and identity of a nation, and reflect the country's standing in the world community: values that require the development of a masterpiece of both security and esthetics.

SICPA offers a number of solutions to meet these high quality and security standards:

Staying at the forefront of quality and innovation in security ink technologies, SICPA has proven its capacity to adapt and evolve for the past 90 years to respond to the world’s ever shifting security challenges. SICPA provides a comprehensive portfolio of security printing supplies including anti-counterfeiting security features, machine-readable solutions, taggants and banknote staining inks. The company protects over 150 billion banknotes which are printed annually for national and international circulation.


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