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Protecting Identities



A person’s identity is precious. One could argue that it is the second most precious thing after life itself. It allows us to exist in the eyes of society as well as to take an active part in it such access to education and health services or opening a bank account. As such, throughout our lifetime, we need a trusted identity that can be used anywhere, anytime – whether in real life or online.

With the advent of the e-Passport and the combined use of electronic and physical security features, fraudsters have adopted new techniques to tamper with Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) like passports and ID cards.

This is why future security solutions must continue to explore both realities - digital and physical – to offer the highest, yet most efficient, security standards.

In a world where the traveler processing speed, including travel document and traveler ID verification, has become a crucial part of an efficient and securely managed border crossing, it is of utmost importance that the central pillar of it all – the traveler’s identity document – is not only secure but that it empowers the rights of owning, protecting and using one’s legitimate identity.

SICPA offers a number of solutions to meet these high quality and security standards:

  • EXTENS® SmartStamp
  • Security Inks to protect ID Documents and Passports

SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services. Building its strength on banknote and document security, SICPA extends its expertise to include identification and verification systems designed for an integrated approach to identity protection and border control.


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