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Security Printing



The security printing industry has undergone significant changes involving technological complexity and ever rising challenges of the digital age. As a result, security inks have evolved, providing versatility on different substrates, high performance on different presses, and printability of sophisticated designs.

With identity documents and security documents exposed to frequent handling, security inks need to be increasingly resistant to fulfil their role as a security feature. The advent of more advanced equipment has made counterfeiting a significant industry-wide threat. As such, to protect banknotes and security documents, SICPA has developed some of the most sophisticated security inks available on the market today.

Inks of high counterfeit resilience are based on complex technology but remain simple to authenticate and communicate to the public and government officials, and can be read by existing automated machines. The different features provide multi-level security and can be customised according to central banks and issuing authorities’ specifications.

SICPA provides comprehensive services from the pre-conception stage throughout the entire production stage as well as post-production support. Benefitting from many years of combined experience to offer customised solutions, SICPA acts as a trusted adviser from design and security integration to final production and issue of the security document.

Staying at the forefront of quality and innovation in security ink technologies, SICPA has proven its capacity to adapt and evolve for the past 90 years to respond to the world’s ever shifting security challenges. SICPA provides a comprehensive portfolio of security printing supplies including anti-counterfeiting security features, machine-readable solutions, forensic taggants and banknote staining inks. The company protects over millions of documents and banknotes which are printed annually.


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