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Fighting Illicit  Fuel Trade

Fighting Illicit
Fuel Trade

An estimated USD 133 billion of fuels are stolen, adulterated or defrauded from legitimate petroleum companies worldwide each year. These criminal acts trigger equally significant losses for governments through subsidy abuse and tax evasion and the subsequent combustion of low-quality illicit fuel causes damage to the environment and impacts the health of the country’s citizens.

In the combat against adulteration, smuggling and unlawful fuel-related activities, SICPA empowers governments by providing a proven and cost-effective solution

Discover the effectiveness of SICPA's Fuel Integrity Solution through the articles compiled in this blog and learn more about the technology behind, allowing for tax revenues recovery, fuel quality protection and supply chain integrity.

Discover the ultimate
fuel integrity solution

Stay up to date with the most relevant news on the fight against illicit fuel trade:

Country Company
URA signs bilateral agreement with South Sudan to curb smuggling
Meeting to combat fuel smuggling held
Le trafic continue, les saisies aussi
Navy, Customs intercept 2B liters of unmarked fuel
Gasolineras paraguayas denuncian contrabando de combustible

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