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Illicit Trade Monitor

Illicit Trade

Illicit trade not only reduces turnover for honest operators and local producers, they also cause significant revenue losses for fiscal administrations. Failure to declare imported goods and local production undermine a government’s ability to invest in social services, infrastructures, schools and public health programmes. 

Being able to enforce tax policies and to detect non-compliance and fraud is crucial, especially in countries whose government budgets rely heavily on the collection of indirect taxes. 

Discover the effectiveness of SICPA's all-round solution through the articles compiled in this blog and learn more about the technology behind, allowing government bodies to ensure correct tax payments and monitor compliance.

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Illegal tyres & tobacco causing Rs130bn loss to exchequer: officials
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Magnitude of illicit cigarette trade in Malaysia: empirical evidence compared with industry studies
From Romania to Ukraine and beyond: The lucrative business of Chinese cigarette smuggling
Criminality linked to illicit liquor on the rise

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