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An unbreachable solution to protect hydrocarbons distribution chains



An unbreachable solution to protect hydrocarbons distribution chains

In the combat against adulteration, smuggling and unlawful fuel-related activities, SICPA empowers governments by providing a proven and cost-effective solution allowing for tax revenues recovery, fuel quality protection and supply chain integrity

Working with highly robust marking technologies integrated with data monitoring platform, governments and oil companies can fully track and monitor the distribution of hydrocarbon products, enabling law enforcement and constructive policies to fully engage citizens in driving a legitimate economy. 

Fuel marking and inspection

Instant delivery of indisputable court-admissible proof.

The SICPA Fuel Integrity Solution is the sole technology with the capacity to deliver indisputable court-admissible evidence in the field. 
SICPA proprietary markers, coupled with the most advanced detection system, allows for effective field audits at any stage of the supply chain. Precise quantitative measurements of the marker concentration are obtained on the spot at no loss of time. Data generated from field audits are collected and integrated into a centralised platform for monitoring and reporting.

Fuel marking and inspection

Immediate court admissible evidence 

Designed for on-the-spot analysis, SICPA's Fuel Integrity Solution delivers immediate quantitative court-admissible evidence. The results of these analysis are sent to the authorities with CCTV recordings, while the evidence is stored in secure facilities to avoid any tampering.

Secure and non-alterable markers

Pioneering R&D experts have developed highly sophisticated molecular markers that cannot be laundered or altered. The security solutions provide stability and robustness against tampering.

Secure supply chain 

The supply chain and the storage site of the marker are fully monitored, leaving no room for fraudulent behaviour.

Fuel quality monitoring

Ensuring safety and enabling effective quality monitoring.

While the quantitative field analysis of the security markers differentiates legal fuel from fiscally non-compliant fuel, further analysis of fuel samples can be carried out to verify their potential conformity in accordance with quality and regulatory standards specific to the country.
SICPA's Fuel Integrity Solution can indicate fuel quality by gauging Lead, Sulphur, Iron and Manganese which are compliance indicators of hydrocarbon products. By using the existing SICPA Mobile Analyser for fuel marking inspection, the Fuel Integrity Solution can assist to identify potentially non-compliant fuels.

Fuel integrity solution
Fuel Integrity Solution


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