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Erick Kimeu



Willing to make an impact in creating a better future for the Kenyan people, Erick Kimeu joined SICPA Kenya seven years ago to combat illicit trade and counterfeit goods that are profoundly damaging the country. Today, working for a company impacting people’s life in a positive way offers him the same satisfaction every morning. 


What was your perception of SICPA before joining?
My knowledge of the company was close to none. I first thought that SICPA was an international IT based firm.

What were your previous experiences before joining?
Before joining the company, I worked as an instrumentation and automation Engineer with some experience in IT services.

What did SICPA bring to you professionally and personally?
SICPA gave me the chance to work in the domain I studied, which is quite difficult sometimes. It also helped me to grow in diverse areas under different positions in the company.

What is your main objective in your job?
My main objective is to make sure that my projects are scoped, planned and delivered (installation and deployment) in compliance with the best practices of the company.

Describe your typical working day at SICPA?
Most of my days are made of project monitoring, diverse follow-ups on different items for assigned projects as well as coordination meetings.

Could you describe a team project which you are particularly proud of?
One of the projects I am the proudest of took place in Tanzania. Indeed, I worked on the scoping, budgeting, planning and deployment of a solution for the country. It was intense and challenging but seeing the project come to life was also very exciting and rewarding.

What kind of interactions do you experience between teams, departments or even countries in your daily work at SICPA?
At SICPA, the environment is very stimulating. It is very collaborative, and you work with so many diverse cultures that it brings different perspectives in your projects.

If you had an advice to give to people willing to follow the same path, what would it be?
The best advice I could give to anyone willing to begin in this path would be to have the willingness to learn and openness to new ideas and new cultures. It is the best way to make the most of each project, each meeting with a new colleague and even each day in your job.

How do you manage your professional and personal life?
I try my best to finish my tasks within the working hours and not carry it at home. As it is important to be totally focused on our job during the day, it is also important to give all the attention to the people we are with or the things we plan to do during our free time.

If you could choose only three words to describe SICPA and your daily life at SICPA, what would they be?
Diverse, Employee growth and Work-life balance