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America Jimenez



America Jimenez joined SICPA Dominicana in 2019. Having little knowledge about SICPA before starting, she has rapidly been convinced by the company’s mission. 


Why did you join SICPA? What convinced you to join SICPA?
There were many reasons for me to join SICPA. First, SICPA’s willingness to help governments throughout the world with its security solutions influenced greatly my decision. The second element that convinced me, was the possibility to take on new professional challenges where my opinion will be taken into account. 

Why do you enjoy working at SICPA?
There are several elements that make me appreciate each day at SICPA. I really enjoy SICPA’s team work environment, the work-life balance offered but I especially appreciate working for a company that contributes to society by ensuring authentic products all over the world.

What did SICPA bring to you professionally and personally?
SICPA gave me the chance to be exposed to different situations allowing me to develop areas that were not my key strengths such as project management, team building or using customer service solutions software. Indeed, in this company, they push us to learn and always go above and beyond ourselves, which helped me to grow in my professional life.

Describe your typical working day at SICPA?
My typical day includes monitoring incidents through reports, attending meetings with authorities and the different teams on site and abroad, updating systems and following up with customers. 


« Although nothing is perfect, you must aim for perfection to acquire excellence. » - America Jimenez

Could you describe a team project which you are particularly proud of?
I have been involved in the launch of SICPA Connect, in the Dominican Republic that was completed in February 2020. In this project, I participated in the customer engagement campaign and the customisation of the mobile and web application of SICPA Connect, adapting it to the Dominican market.

According to you, what are the key soft skills necessary in your job?
In my job the most important soft skill, in my opinion, is communication. Indeed, communication is the foundation of our daily job with colleagues or governments. On this bedrock, other competences such as leadership, work ethic, creativity, interpersonal abilities and team work are also necessary in order to perform.

How do you manage your professional and personal life?
I have a very active social life, therefore, to be able to manage everything, I try to finish my duties during the week to have time for my family and friends over the week-end.

If you could choose only three words to describe SICPA and your daily life at SICPA, what would they be?
Welcoming, Communicating and Developing