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Upon my arrival at SICPA, I developed many skills; including a higher level of autonomy, the ability to manage several predefined tasks and especially how to plan and manage my workday schedule. I also improved the ability to express myself clearly and thoughtfully, working in groups with passion and enthusiasm. I have learnt to react to various unforeseen events, investing myself in projects that bring new ideas and always having in mind the desire to strive for excellence. Perseverance for me is fundamental. Having accomplished secondary education; this is a giant step for me. I am constantly learning on a daily basis. My peers are very invested in teaching me and are attentive to my needs.

« I feel well supported. Being surrounded by people who have a unique know-how to pass on is for me an undeniable advantage. » - Inès Saegesser

With an ongoing follow-up, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to progress and look back on the achievements accomplished during the course of my three year internship.