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What position did you take on when you joined SICPA and how have you been able to develop further since then?

After studying industrial engineering, I completed a management trainee programme at a Turkish company. When this company was bought by SICPA, I was given the task of setting up SICPA’s entire Turkish local organization. Back then I was at the age of 26, had little international experience and faced an important challenge.


«  I quickly grew into the role and I benefited from this period immensely, both in personal and professional sense. » - Müge Gabbott

After the completion of the establishment of SICPA Turkey, I received a job offer from SICPA Switzerland to be transferred to the headquarters and to set up the local organizations in different countries; I happily accepted the offer and moved to Lausanne. Ever since, I have worked on 12 different country setups, travelled a lot, become acquainted with very different cultures and gathered valuable experience. During my career in SICPA, I had the opportunity of taking on a new role every two years or so and developing further in various fields. Up to now, no day has ever been the same as the previous one.


What do you mainly work on today?

As Corporate HR Director, I lead a team of 14 employees and am responsible for overseeing the talent management and compensation departments. One of our areas is the recruitment of specialists and young talent. It is a demanding and exciting job:

« We believe that our success lies in the continuous development of our talent and recruiting people who fit with our company culture and bring new ideas. » - Müge Gabbott

What ideas are these, specifically?

We are proud to be one step ahead with our services. For example, our security inks for banknotes play a major role in our society on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, the banking and monetary transactions environment is constantly subject to change. As a result, the working environment at SICPA is fascinating, fast-paced and requires flexibility. Whenever innovations and new developments come onto the market, a rapid change of thinking is required. It is all about optimising our services and developing it further with the best employees, whom we in HR recruit.


And how can these young talented individuals grow within SICPA?

SICPA offers a leadership programme, which has been successfully established in recent years. Young talented individuals are quickly identified, specifically stimulated by means of internal and external programmes, as well as numerous continuing education courses. I personally feel that I have been stimulated and challenged enormously since I joined. There has always been an open dialogue with my superiors and I have been able to convey my ideas and development opportunities. After all, it is very important for us in HR that our employees also take proactive actions and share with us their future development plans in order to shape their future together.