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Shelcia Rachide



Promoted as Supervisor in the Operations department in Mozambique after a year and a half at SICPA, Shelcia Rachide was thrilled to be offered this position and be able to improve her knowledge and skills in the domain. She was even prouder as she is the first woman in this position at SICPA Mozambique. 


Why did you join SICPA? What convinced you to join SICPA?
I saw SICPA Mozambique as a company offering equal growth opportunities and giving me the chance to grow and become an asset. When I joined SICPA, the company was rather new in the country which to me, represented a wide range of possibilities. Enjoying challenges and adapting easily to a new environment, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take.

Why do you enjoy working at SICPA?
I enjoy working at SICPA mainly because there is a healthy working environment. All employees are given equal opportunities to develop their skills and competencies in accordance with their wishes.

What did SICPA bring to you professionally and personally?
SICPA allowed me to grow with the company. I joined it as a Marking Operator, responsible for the marking process of all the trucks that loaded fuel at the terminal. It is a job requiring a lot of effort, attention and dedication. With the support of my colleagues and my willingness to stay committed to my work, I was able to adapt and cope with the pressure. I also learned the importance of teamwork and supporting each other to achieve the goals set.

After a year and a half at SICPA, I was promoted to Supervisor of the Pemba site. I am the first female supervisor in the Operations department! This was the opportunity to oversee operations in a dynamic environment, to improve my operations and management skills as well as my ability to cope with unexpected challenges.

« Challenge yourself, be dedicated and have self-confidence. » - Shelcia Rachide

What is your main objective in your job?
My objective is to ensure that the marking and safety procedures are followed during the marking process. I am also responsible for the overall security of the RUM (Ready to Use Marker) stocks at the marking point.

Could you describe a team project which you are particularly proud of?
The project I am the proudest of is the introduction of the new marking process. Having to change to a new process was challenging as we had to ensure that every step was done correctly to achieve the required result. The main reason I am so proud of it is that I saw how my team worked together to reach our common goal.

What are the dimensions you like the most in your job at SICPA?
There are two dimensions that I particularly like in my job: collaboration/team work and decision making/challenges. Indeed, I appreciate that each of my team members is dedicated to reach our common goal. And, I like challenging situations, as they require quick reactions and effective decision making.

How do you manage your professional and personal life?
Before the beginning of each week, I make a schedule for my professional and my personal life. This schedule assists me in making sure that I have enough time to complete my personal commitments without affecting my work schedule.

If you could choose only three words to describe SICPA and your daily life at SICPA, what would they be?
Reliable, Caring and Innovative.