SICPA is a trusted global security partner to central banks and high-security printers. For over seven decades, SICPA has established itself as a leading developer and supplier of security ink technologies, protecting the majority of the world’s banknotes from the threats of fraud and counterfeiting.

Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses inks developed for a wide range of printing processes including intaglio, offset, silkscreen, gravure, flexography and numbering, as well as solutions tailored for varnish protection and theft deterrence systems. Our technology supports all levels of authentication – from features detectable by the public, covert solutions for controllers and inspectors, or machine-readable authentication through automated systems, to solutions exclusively reserved for issuing authorities and forensic investigators.

Yet our mission goes beyond providing ink solutions. For many years, SICPA has partnered with central banks and high-security printers, offering valuable expertise and advice in currency matters. Our highly experienced client support delivers best-in-class services across all aspects of the cash ecosystem. Dedicated teams provide guidance on a range of topics including design integration of security features, technical assistance during banknote printing process, post-issuance counterfeit analysis, as well as advisory services for the issuance of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Our partnerships with suppliers and clients are characterised by long-term commitment and mutual trust. Driven by these principles, SICPA not only fulfils its role as a security ink technology provider but also reaches its ultimate mission of actively contributing to the protection of global currency and enabling monetary sovereignty for nation states.


are protected by SICPA security inks



The banknote industry is undergoing continuous technological evolution, aiming to better serve the requirements of all cash cycle stakeholders.
At the core of these developments are people’s needs for trust, efficiency, durability, and flexibility. Innovation is key to the rising challenges brought along by the emerging future.

A Symbol of Trust

Banknotes are high-technology products that incorporate an average of 20 security features. They pose a formidable barrier to counterfeiting, making cash the most secure payment method available. While other payment means rely on technology infrastructures and external networks, cash stands apart with its built-in protection, enabling payment anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.
Innovation remains key to preserving the confidence people have in their banknotes. SICPA provides cutting-edge technologies and theft-deterrence solutions to stay one step ahead of criminals and protect banknotes at every stage of the cash cycle.

Striving for Efficiency

Automated banknote processing systems now rely on machine-readable features to handle currency. This advancement has led to a new generation of banknotes featuring luminescent, infrared, and magnetic inks. Such inks and features play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency of banknote automation.

The Durability Factor

While each country's currency requirements may be unique, central banks worldwide share a common goal: to extend the lifespan of banknotes, ensuring their quality and functionality last as long as possible.

The adoption of protective varnishing solutions, as well as the choice of substrate or printing technique profoundly influence the overall longevity of banknotes. SICPA helps designers and central banks optimise the architecture of banknotes to ensure a better durability.

A durable banknote is a determining factor of an efficient and sustainable cash cycle.

Digitalisation of Payments

With the constant arrival of new possibilities and technologies, the banknote industry is also facing the challenge of payment digitalisation. SICPA leverages its expertise and deep understanding of the market to provide guidance to central banks regarding the issuance of CBDC. Our Nabatech joint-venture is dedicated to this mission, enabling us to offer flexible solutions for all forms of currency. 

Societies evolve.
Printing technologies evolve.
Banknote design evolves.
Automation process evolves.
Counterfeiting activities evolve.


SICPA solutions evolve.

Intaglio - ECHO Specimen
Offset ink - UV view


At SICPA, we are committed to fostering connections and knowledge sharing through our participation in various events and especially in the Global Currency Forum, which provides a platform for industry professionals to come together, share insights, and contribute to innovation.

Upcoming events:

Global Currency Forum 2024
When:   September 30 – October 3, 2024
Where:  Muscat (Oman), Shangri-La Hotel
Theme: The Value that Cash brings to Society

Powered by the International Currency Association (ICA), the Global Currency Forum is a conference enabling industry leaders to share thoughts on the role of cash in our societies, as well as showcase new solutions and best practices.