CERTUS facts and figures

Facts and figures

The volume of counterfeited training certificates, diplomas, official documents, property titles, birth certificates, death certificates and more is constantly growing.

There are many examples of the proliferation of non-authentic legal documents —  from the lack of legally registered land titles, to the continued increase in forged identity documents and to the proliferation of forged birth certificates.

1 in 3

legally registered worldwide

diploma mills

selling fake degrees worldwide

1 in 2

issued in the US are from diploma mills

CERTUS - facts and figures - academic institutions under pressure

Academic institutions worldwide under increasing pressure 

Universities and training organisations need to preserve their brand image and the authenticity of their alumni's diplomas in the face of an increase in forged certificates/diplomas and the emergence of bogus educational establishments.

Degree fraud remains a risk for institutions unless they implement trusted verification measures which protect brand value and instill confidence among the graduate community and employers.

Notary fraud is more common than many people think. Valuable documents are sometimes notarised without the knowledge or consent of the holder. Some countries lack a proper system to verify the legitimacy of notary services, leaving people at risk of fraud and undermining the legitimacy of the notary service industry as a whole.

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their reputation?