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Digital Identity Solution

Secure, agile,
privacy-preserving solution needed

Decentralised, inclusive user-centric Digital Identity ecosystems place individuals at the center, offering greater control over personal data. Identities can be stored in digital wallets and individuals are able to pick and choose the pieces of information they wish to share. 

Strong privacy protection can be achieved using advanced cryptographic techniques to prevent personal data from being shared without the holder's consent.

Thanks to decentralised ecosystems, individuals and organisations communicate easily, rapidly and securely with each other.

However, despite the potential benefits, implementing a user-centric Digital Identity system often proves to be a real revolution for organisations. They need a secure and reliable way of issuing and verifying digital identities and credentials, while ensuring interoperability and compliance with emerging industry standards and regulations such as eIDAS v2 in Europe and in other countries.

The promise of a secure Digital Identity solution that enables secure verification of a person’s real identity, both online and offline, is the cornerstone for widespread onboarding and adoption.

« Our Digital Identity solution is designed to meet the needs of issuers and verifiers in the user-centric digital identity model in a way that is secure, interoperable, and compliant with relevant regulations. »
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Digital Identity 
the creation 
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