SICPA’s BullionProtect® solution to secure gold bars of Indonesian company

SICPA is pleased to announce that BullionProtect®, its security solution for the gold market, is now being used by Indonesian bullion producer Hartadinata, in an effort to provide more confidence in gold bars trading.


Preventing counterfeiting of pure gold bullion products and bringing innovation to encourage public interest in investing in gold are some of the reasons for using the security solution. BullionProtect® adds value to the gold bars as consumers can buy them without worrying about counterfeiting.


BullionProtect® is an innovative solution to safeguard the integrity of the bullion market. Designed to prevent faked or counterfeited gold bars that could be mistaken for genuine ones, it is an integrated solution comprising of a security seal and bespoke validation devices. The security solution, built on proven technology with high counterfeit robustness, ensures simple and immediate verification of security seals. 


The solution enables all actors within the supply chain to authenticate precious metal products. Since 2020, more than 400’000 kilobars of gold have been marked with BullionProtect® globally. The solution is readily available for all precious metal refiners interested in efficiently securing their products.

About BullionProtect®