Cannabis Users Want Full Information and Verification of Product Safety

Rhizo Verified Selects SICPA Product Verification Technology

Rhizo Verified Selects Proven SICPA Product Verification Technology to Create First-of-its-Kind Professional Platform for the Sale of Hemp Products  

SICPA, a global leader in product security, revenue realization, and track and trace solutions, today announced a new three-year partnership with Rhizo Verified, a third-party hemp verification, authentication, and traceability solutions company. With its new True Lot Verification™ Program, Rhizo Verified uses its’ proprietary software technology to create a safe and trusted platform for hemp buyers and sellers to receive the high-quality products they expect. The True Lot Verification Program™   uses SICPA’s latest digital and physical authentication tools as an integral part of the overall Rhizo Verified platform solution. In the U.S., there is currently no standard practice to provide buyers of raw hemp products with unbiased information about quality and safety. When growing a hemp crop for CBD or grain/fiber production, selecting a suitable seed variety is an important consideration. While seed breeders can boast of their high germination and feminization levels (often 95 percent or more), there has been no professional way – until now – to verify that the hemp seed test results disclosed are indeed from that specific lot.

« Our new partnership with SICPA provides a key component to establish the gold standard of product testing and verification which farmers and businesses can rely on to ensure the integrity of hemp products. » Justin Khuu, CEO of Rhizo Verified

Rhizo Verified will close this gap in product verification by combining best-in-class security technologies with its True Lot Verification™ Program. Rhizo Verified is using SICPA’s proven Quazar® tamper-evident security labels on hemp seed packages to maintain chain of custody and product integrity. The Quazar® authentication feature paired with a QR code that uniquely identifies the product and provides vital seed information relevant to farmers. By scanning the SICPA Quazar® label affixed to the containers, buyers can see accurate test results for purity, feminization, and germination for the specific seeds they have purchased.
“Breeders, farmers, and buyers of hemp products face significant stability and safety concerns around product quality and safeguarding of money,” said Justin Khuu, CEO of Rhizo Verified. “We’ve developed a professional advanced verification process for the hemp industry to ensure that product quality, availability, and the exchange of funds meet consistent independent standards. Our new partnership with SICPA provides a key component to establish the gold standard of product testing and verification which farmers and businesses can rely on to ensure the integrity of hemp products.”


“We are excited to be working with Rhizo Verified to bring a much-needed service to both sellers and buyers alike that are looking to safely and legally navigate the emerging hemp industry,” said Karen Gardner, SICPA North America Chief Marketing Officer. “This new program creates a trusted platform that allows buyers to verify the contents of the products they’re purchasing and avoid the significant risks that come with unknowingly purchasing sub-quality seeds or seeds that don’t align with state licensing requirements.”

Through their comprehensive verification service, Rhizo Verified will go onsite to the supplier and independently sample the representative lot, send the seed samples to an ASOCA-certified testing lab, and secure the remainder of the lot with SICPA’s counterfeit-resistant security labels to ensure end-to-end security and integrity of the products. The new True Lot Verification Program™ will be available to sellers nationally starting the week of March 22, 2021. For more information, please visit

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About Rhizo Verified 

Rhizo Verified is an independent verification company with offices in Seattle, WA and Boulder, CO dedicated to the growth and standardization of the hemp industry by providing blockchain secured verification, authentication and traceability of bulk hemp products. With a meticulous multi-point testing process and backed by proprietary software, Rhizo Verified is setting the gold standard for hemp product verification for buyers and sellers with its True Lot Verification™ Program. For more information, please visit