Pharma & Medical devices taking a fresh look at Counterfeiting

Taking a fresh look at counterfelting in pharma & medical devices 

From root causes to current solutions


Imagine this: news and social media report that dozens of patients, especially children, have died after taking a trusted medication from your company. A few weeks later, lab results show the product to be a fake. Your company and brand are what people will remember.
Counterfeiting is a growing threat for companies that bring to market medicines, medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. The WHO estimates up to 8% of medical devices on the market are fakes, as are up to 30% of medicines.

  • So what can you do to bring protection as close as possible to the medicine?
  • Are your company’s anti-counterfeiting measures catching fakes before they reach patients?
  • Do they enable your company and the authorities to take rapid countermeasures when you do find someone hijacking your brand identity to put fake pharma products on the market?   


There is no shortage of technology options. But the true challenge lies elsewhere. Tackling counterfeiting requires a holistic approach that addresses three business issues.

  • Today’s pharmaceutical value chain is often global, complex and vulnerable to infiltration.
  • E-commerce, low-cost technologies and the sheer volume of global trade today make it cheap and easy for counterfeiters to ape key steps in the life cycle of your products.
  • Because fake drugs and medical devices can harm or kill, time is of the essence.     


In the first of a two-part webinar series, we take a fresh look at the issue of counterfeiting in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Speakers include two independent thought leaders:

  • Mark Davison, CEO & Principal Consultant of Bluesphere Health. He is the author of Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Marie-Lyn Hecht, Principal at Strategy& PwC. She recently co-authored a 2017 PwC report called “Fighting counterfeit pharmaceuticals”.


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