SICPA acquires new marking capability for Oil & Gas

SICPA is pleased to announce today the finalisation of its acquisition of Global Fluids International (GFI) from the Canada based Eurocontrol group.

This acquisition extends the range of the SICPA Group’s product marking and ‘track and trace’ portfolio. It complements and completes the scope of SICPA’s unique offering to Government clients worldwide: comprehensive solutions aimed at enhancing excise tax collection capability, tools to protect local economies and support health and environmental control policies.


GFI brings with it cutting-edge capability to mark oil products at molecular level, notably through the Petromark™  programme. GFI’s markers work as an ‘’ in-product tax stamp’’ that cannot be altered or copied. On the detection side, this technology is highly accurate and exploits advanced spectrometry techniques.  It provides Governments with a sophisticated tool to tackle fraud in the oil sector, focusing on downstream products but with a unique ability to mark crude in the midstream process. The technology is capable not only of providing court admissible evidence of fraud once detected, but of assisting authorities in identifying specific points in the supply chain where adulteration might have taken place. 


From 1 January 2016 SICPA-GFI’s oil marking activity will be managed from SICPA HQ in Lausanne and will benefit from the strong R&D and organisational support of the SICPA Group in Switzerland and globally - essential to maintaining and further developing its technological lead and international offering.


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