Dreaming of becoming a computer engineer ever since he was 10, Sajid Zeeshan worked towards his goal and obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Systems. Since 2014, he pursues his ambition in the role of IT Manager at SICPA Pakistan. 

Zeeshan Sajid

Why did you join SICPA?

Ready to take the next step in my career, I wanted to join an internationally known company where I could put into practice all my learnings from my previous experiences in hospitality, finance and industrial applications. 
I also joined SICPA because I think that it is a good employer in terms of culture, values, as well as in terms of compensation and benefits. Furthermore, I believed that it was also the opportunity for me to broaden my career.

What did SICPA bring to you professionally and personally?

Having started my professional career as a Software Developer involved in ERP and CRM modules, I was able through the years to obtain my Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering. 
Since I started at SICPA I also had the chance to complete several IT courses and obtain a certification in addition to my Master's. All of this was possible through the learning platforms provided by SICPA that allowed me to increase my knowledge and skills in my domain.

Describe your typical working day at SICPA?

My typical working day at SICPA includes many different tasks and no two days are the same. As an early-bird, I like to be amongst the first ones in the office and start the day on the right foot. For this reason, the first thing I do every morning, is to plan my day ahead before diving into the support tasks and the many meetings I attend every day with the local and global teams around the world. 
Indeed, since my position includes providing support and managing the help desk for the Global Information Services (GIS) and the Currency Services and Solutions departments, I have the chance to perform very diversified tasks all day long. 

« Be devoted and exceptional in your education and in your work, deliver more than expected, always be polite, honest and helpful to everyone, remember “your work is your worth” and every day “your biggest competitor is you…yourself!" » Zeeshan Sajid

Could you describe a team project you are particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of a Project I conducted with the IT Team of SICPA Pakistan, as it needed a large dose of local and global collaboration. As it often happens, my hard skills would have not been enough to reach our goal during this project. This spotlights the fact that soft skills have a very important role to play even in such a technical position as mine.

What are the dimensions you like the most in your job at SICPA?

I really enjoy the variety of dimensions brought by my position at SICPA, I can work on Project Management, Digital Project Implementation, Cyber Security, IT Service and Operations Management. Every day brings new challenges, motivating me and my colleagues to always improve and share our knowledge, skills and competencies one to another.

If you had only three words to describe your life at SICPA?

Challenge, Integrity and Collaboration