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SICPA Digital Identity solution in everyday life

The Digital Identity for Beginners video has two main objectives:

1. Explain what Digital Identity means for everyone. An episode from everyday life is used to highlight the limits of how citizens can communicate their identity today.

2. Demonstrate in a simple but not simplistic way, how SICPA Digital Identity solutions can solve these frictions for citizens, but moreover, how it allows people to gain control, privacy, security and flexibility in the globalised digital world we are facing today.

SICPA Digital Identity for Refugees

Creating, using and validating credentials in the context of a refugee situation

SICPA Digital Identity for Banking

Sharing and validating credentials as part of a banking experience

SICPA Digital Identity for Travel

Sharing and validating credentials as part of a travel experience

SICPA at the Forefront of Innovation

Three key dimensions for governments: Governance, user experience, technology