Solution overview

As a leading provider of security solutions 
for governments over the years, 
SICPA has learned from experience 
that fraud exists in every fuel supply chain, 
consistently costing governments huge revenue losses


Differences in fuel prices and supply chain complexity between neighboring countries often facilitate the emergence of various forms of fraud.

By utilising SICPA's Fuel Integrity Solution (FIS), governments can reduce smuggling and tax evasion and physically tag all fuels across the country to track fuel movement and volume, thereby reducing supply chain disruptions. Every connection can be protected. 

Our solution consists of a variety of modules to ensure a secure fuel supply chain:



  • Forensic markers are introduced into the fuels, by injection or manual dispensing at fuel distribution points in the supply chain.
  • Markers are adapted to all types of hydrocarbons and do not alter the quality specifications of the fuels
  • Markers have no impact on the engines, human health, or the environment. 
  • Collect data from secure marking and custody transfers



  • Conduct simple, fast and reliable field inspections.
  • Provide on-the-spot and immediate quantitative test results.
  • Generate court admissible evidence for effective law enforcement.
  • Collect and analyse data for risk analysis and fraud hot spot detection.



  • Enable the consignee to protect himself without the assistance of a third party.
  • On-the-spot, easy-to-use, quantitative analysis for traders.
  • Protect traders by reducing the risk of accepting illicit fuel.



  • Enable visibility of all fuel stock levels at each point of the supply chain (, depots, transportation means, gas stations).
  • Gain visibility of fuel transactions at every point of the supply chain.

  • Designed for business intelligence, advanced data analytics and anomaly detection.
  • Monitor the impact of the fuel integrity program, enabling competent authorities to easily track compliance and enforcement performance.


Within these modules, we offer a variety of technologies that respond to the individual needs of each country and fuel supply chain. We protect Governments, Traders and Citizens alike.