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Allied Identity Launches Vaxtrac Platform

Allied Identity Launches Vaxtrac, a New Vaccination Management and Credentialing Platform using SICPA's CERTUS™ to Address Gaps in Current Infrastructure

In the fight against COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, the Vaxtrac solution will help facilitate a safe return to normal by modernizing the record keeping and credentials for vaccinations and testing.


Today, Allied Identity announced the launch of Vaxtrac, a comprehensive vaccination management and credentialing platform designed to aid in the local, national and international response to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Vaxtrac uses SICPA's proprietary CERTUS™ service in order to ensure the security of vaccination records and credentials.

Today, outdated vaccination management systems and non-secure credentials – like local Immunization Information Systems (IIS), the legacy paper-based "Yellow Card," and new paper-based Covid cards – make it difficult for governments and public health officials to effectively use individual vaccination information to provide appropriate care and control the spread of infectious diseases, especially in an era of increased global mobility and rising population density. In the face of global pandemics like COVID-19, the lack of secure, reliable, connected data poses a direct risk to the health of individuals, communities, and entire countries.

Representing a groundbreaking effort to bring together proven technologies and approaches to address this urgent challenge, Vaxtrac enables a real-time, holistic view of population health by providing strong data validation, giving individuals control of their own records, and removing fraud from the system. Vaxtrac allows for secure, universal access to individual testing and vaccination credentials issued only by authorized healthcare providers; seamless independent verification; and real-time updates to relevant information. 

SICPA's CERTUS™ MyHealth Pass sits at the heart of Vaxtrac to generate a blockchain-protected digital seal that ensures credentials are tied to unique identity, cannot be tampered with, and can be confidently verified by anyone ensuring greater transparency and preventing potentially dangerous efforts to mislead public health officials. Together Vaxtrac and CERTUS™ provide a scalable, easy to implement, privacy-preserving solution that can be used end-to-end or as individual modules to assist in the short- and long-term management of immunization control. 

"Preparing for the public health response to COVID-19 has revealed critical gaps in current vaccination management infrastructure," said Karen Gardner, Chief Marketing Officer, SICPA North America. "Vaxtrac and CERTUS™ help fill those gaps with modernized vaccination management and credentialing to immediately help public health officials manage successful COVID-19 testing and immunization programs, complete with secure, reliable credentials. This is critical in safely facilitating the return to 'normal' needed for economic recovery and continued global health and security."

"Our team is proud to work with SICPA and other partners to bring this critical technology to market and help facilitate a safe return to normal. The Vaxtrac System is architected from the start to be secure, privacy preserving, and to work across the many places a population might need a validated proof of testing or immunization," said Jeffrey Hattara, CEO of Allied Identity. "Our low-cost model guarantees the sustainability of the infrastructure for the long term for all stakeholders."

You can find an infographic describing the Vaxtrac solution here

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