Needs and issues at stake -1

Issues and needs at stake

Public agencies and private organisations need to accurately authenticate vehicle licence plates

Main concerns are to combat frauds, reduce revenue shortfalls and identify criminals using fraudulent licence plates to evade justice.  

Authentication of vehicle licence plates at a distance is now a critical need for law enforcement officials.

State of law

Fraudulent licence plates threaten government sovereignty

Licence plates serve as distinct identifiers for vehicles and their owners, which is crucial for the government and public agencies.

The use of counterfeit or fraudulent licence plates makes it difficult for authorities to identify vehicles and drivers, putting government sovereignty at stake.

Getaway for crimes

Fraudulent licence plates have become a growing concern for law enforcement officials

Fake licence plates are used by individuals to mask their identity and avoid detection while committing illegal activities

Counterfeit licence plates directly assist criminals in carrying out criminal operations such as drug trafficking, theft, burglary and even terrorism.

In fact, some law enforcement  officials refer to fraudulent licence plates as “a licence to crime”, since it makes it difficult for them to track criminals down and bring them to justice.


Vehicle Licence Plate - price to pay-1

Paying the high price

Fraudulent licence plates create revenue loss and raise security concerns for public agencies and private companies

The collection of taxes, tolls and property rights is impacted by the inability to authenticate the vehicle and, therefore, to identify the owner.

Access control companies risk losing revenue due to the use of counterfeit plates for parking in restricted or prohibited areas.

Counterfeit plates may also be used to engage in criminal activities such as theft, leading to security concerns in retail businesses.

Imminent danger

Law enforcement officials are often exposed to high risks in the course of their duties wherein they must engage closely with individuals of interest before they can verify licence plates.

Therefore, during road checks, they must be able to authenticate licence plates discreetly and securely, and as early and as far away as possible from vehicles.

Vital risk 
at stake for 
law enforcement