Security inks for ID documents and passports

State-of-the-art security inks enabling tamper proof passport and ID document protection, easy authentication, while meeting ICAO recommendations 

SICPA security inks are reserved exclusively for security applications on financial documents, such as banknotes, stocks, bonds and cheques; on identity documents such as passports, birth certificates, visas, driver’s licences; and on other security documents. They are made available only to official and recognised high-security printers.

With respect to ICAO’s recommendations and definition of authentication levels (levels 1, 2, 3), SICPA proposes a comprehensive portfolio of security inks for passports and ID cards: 

  • Overt
  • Covert
  • Forensic
Facts and figures
Identity fraud, in particular the counterfeiting and falsification of travel documents such as passports, represents a major threat to personal identity, international security and the sovereignty of nations
Security inks for ID and passports_solutions
ID documents and passports protection solutions
SICPA offers both overt and covert security solutions