CERTUS - Ultimate document protection and verification solution

CERTUS®, for ultimate digital document protection and verification

Digital document protection and verification at your fingertips

Authorities responsible for issuing or updating certificates or official documents can rely on CERTUS® to protect sensitive digital content and printed documents

By guaranteeing the integrity and authentication of the data at all times and in all places, the issuer not only preserves its reputation but also reinforces trust within the holder and verifier community. 

SICPA has developed the CERTUS® solution, a service for securing the content of any type of official attestation or certificate using a secure seal.

  • Unforgeable QR code
    The CERTUS® tamper-proof QR code protects the sensitive content directly, rather than the document itself. 
  • Digital security seal
    A digital security seal is used to seal the QR code and make it tamper-proof by creating a forgery proof link with the QR code’s cryptographic signature.
  • Bulletproof credentials
    The issuance of the certificate is based on mathematical proofs that authenticate the origin and legitimacy of the following document or content credentials.

Discover CERTUS® technology in details here! 

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Setting a new standard 
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