Science lover since an early age, Roger Mutunga was already dreaming of becoming an engineer while growing up. After having worked in several companies in Nairobi, he joined SICPA in 2013 believing that it would be the right place for him to impact the country in a positive way.

Rogers Mutunga

What was your perception of SICPA before joining?

SICPA is not a household name in Kenya and I had never heard of the company before seeing the open position. However, after only a few interactions with the firm, I saw a very professional process and work environment.

Why do you enjoy working at SICPA?

I enjoy my daily tasks at SICPA because my current manager allows me to work on different areas of the company and learn everything that there is to learn. He has made me a well-rounded person with knowledge in key areas of the company: engineering, customer service and business development.

What did SICPA bring to you professionally and personally?

Thanks to SICPA, I became a real professional. During my former experiences, I was only in charge of the tasks and the systems from an engineering perspective. At SICPA, I was given the chance to learn about the entire process, have a broad view of the business and understand it.

What is your main objective in your job?

The main objective of my work is to assess documentation and training needs for several projects and fulfill those needs. To make this achievable, I work with several departments and entities around the world.

« I really like the flexibility of my work.  Working with different teams on different projects allows me to be constantly learning, which is a real added value for me. » Rogers Mutunga

Could you describe a team project which you are particularly proud of?

I participated in a project in Tanzania that I am really proud of. I was leading various teams covering western and southern parts of the country during technical site visits and later trained the customer and end users together with local teams. 

What are the dimensions you like the most in your job at SICPA?

I really like the flexibility of my work. I work in some teams at the beginning of the year and then during the year I change, and I change again at the end of the year. Working for different teams on different projects allows me to be constantly learning, which is really an added value for me.

According to you, what are the key soft skills necessary in your job?

It is necessary to be able to work with different people, coming from different places, with different mentalities and modus operandi. It's all about adaptation.

If you had an advice to give to people willing to follow the same path, what would it be?

Follow your heart!

If you could choose only three words to describe SICPA and your daily life at SICPA, what would they be?

Enabling my trust.