EPFL Project 24

Switzerland, EPFL - Project "24"

A gateway to science and technology

In 2016, SICPA partnered with the EPFL and Caran d'Ache and gave life to Project "24", an original contemporary artwork piece by ​​Giordano Favi. It can be seen at the arrival of the underground passage area of the metro station that leads to the EPFL – a unique passage to the University.

The artwork is a symbol of the unity between innovation, science and technology illustrated by depicting colours, shapes, words and formulas – concepts that are part of SICPA’s core values. In Albert Amon’s visionary words, "without ink, thoughts would have the sense of emptiness", a statement that was inscribed on the artwork to inspire future generations of students.

SICPA employees contributed to the creation of this art piece by proposing eleven formulas via an internal competition that later appeared in the creation.

Today, SICPA continues to support Project “24” at the EPFL.