SICPA strengthens its support for the INTERPOL Travel Document

The agreement, signed by SICPA’s Chief Executive Officer Philippe Amon at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, includes a EUR 800,000 donation over a five-year period to the INTERPOL Fund for International Police Cooperation.
SICPA has supported the INTERPOL Travel Document initiative since its inception in 2009. A number of SICPA’s cutting-edge security ink solutions, including the latest SPARK® technology have been integrated into the INTERPOL Travel Documents (electronic passport Booklet and electronic Identification Card) for increased protection against counterfeiting and tampering.
The INTERPOL Travel Document initiative is aimed at both assisting law enforcement officers on official business, and further developing standards in travel document security and identity management.
To date 103 member countries have recognized the INTERPOL Travel Document in a range of forms including visa exemption for document holders travelling on official INTERPOL-related business.
SICPA collaborates regularly with INTERPOL in providing training and expertise to member countries in the detection and prevention of counterfeiting in relation to currency, travel and identity documents.
The security ink technology company is a member of the INTERPOL Project S-Print, an international monitoring system for the security printing industry and its suppliers to prevent the illegal use of security-dedicated materials. SICPA also participated in INTERPOL World 2015, a platform for the security industry, law enforcement and government agencies to develop closer partnerships and innovative security initiatives.
Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA is a privately owned company providing secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services. Standards defined by SICPA in relation to print quality and the chemical and physical resistance of inks for printed banknotes which were endorsed by INTERPOL’s 5th International Counterfeit Currency Conference in 1969 and adopted as norms by banknote printers worldwide, are still valid today.
The donation by SICPA falls within the guidelines established for accepting external funding through the INTERPOL Fund for International Police Cooperation.
More information via the INTERPOL website.

INTERPOL Travel Document