SICPA and Zurich Insurance publish white paper

How vulnerable is your company’s supply chain to tampering or counterfeits? How do you identify the weak points or blind spots? What are risks for your management, brand and reputation, customers and consumers? What steps can you take to identify and tackle such risks?
Globalisation and new technologies offer companies ways to optimise their supply chains. As a result, supply chains have become longer, more complex – and more vulnerable.
In this report Supply chain integrity: protecting companies’ blind spots, SICPA and Zurich Insurance discuss how companies can map their supply chain to analyse in detail the degree of risk they face and where to focus their analysis. The report also identifies the strategies, tools and technologies available to verify product authenticity and prevent tampering.
If you are a decision-maker in supply chain, risk management or general management, this report will help you understand how to make your supply chain more robust and less vulnerable to tampering and counterfeits. Download the full report now.