Integrated Digital Identity: government-driven, user-centric

INTEGRATED DIGITAL IDENTITY Government-driven, user-centric

How can governments help people gain control over their digital identity? 

And how can governments facilitate secure user access to both public and private digital services locally and globally? 


The answer is an integrated digital identity solution, that is government-driven and user-centric.


  • Ease of use for holders and verifiers, ensuring smooth and inclusive access to government-run and private services for health, education, employment, banking, insurance, travel and commerce.


  • Universal compatibility paving the way for rapid national and international adoption based on globally-agreed open standards.


  • Unique to the individual and consent-based, with people’s needs, interests and protection at the centre.


Best Digital Identity approach for all 

Digital identity best approach for all
  • Seamless one-stop-shop experience for everyone, supporting fast adoption and endorsement.
  • Universal accessibility nationwide and globally for every individual.
  • Consent-based, putting people’s needs, interests and protection at the centre.


This scheme proposes some examples of foundational data, contextual data and credentials. For readability reasons, foundational credentials such as passport, national ID card or driver's license are not included.