Telecommunication solutions

Operator revenue auditing

This module accurately calculates the revenue collected by the telecommunication operators from subscribers. This allows for the calculation of indirect taxes and levies. This data can also be mined for regulatory control, increasing transparency and compliance with local regulations. 


Mobile transactions monitoring

 This module acts as an electronic monitoring system in this growing market while preserving users' interests and privacy. The solution detects non-compliant transactions, such as those exceeding the maximum authorised received amount and balance. Its rule-based engine automatically detects suspicious activities. This helps tax authorities identify unregistered businesses and detect potential cases of illicit and under-declared activities. 


Mobile device monitoring 

This module allows the authorities to monitor the market by providing real-time visibility on all active mobile phones in the country and detecting counterfeit, non-homologated or illegally imported devices. The solution allows governments to take action against these non-compliant devices, including mobile devices reported as lost or stole