NANOBRICK Korea partners with SICPA

Exclusive contract for Korea to roll out products from SICPA, a world leader in the security inks and features market

Expansion of Korean domestic brand protection market with exclusive distribution of SICPA’s technologies QUAZAR® and SICPAGUARD®

NANOBRICK (KOSDAQ: 286750), a company specialising in nano materials, announced that it has signed an exclusive domestic agreement for brand protection products with SICPA, a Swiss company and global leader in the security inks and features market.

NANOBRICK continues to release a variety of new functional materials based on its own nano platform. Among them, the proprietary technology MTX (Color-changeable Photonic Crystal Material), is recognized in the global security market for its high security technology.  It is applied to security documents such as ID cards and certificates through strategic partnerships with leading security companies around the world.  
As a leader in the global security inks and features market, SICPA is a supplier to numerous governments, central banks and companies. SICPA technologies are featured on many currency banknotes.

With its knowledge of advanced security printing, SICPA has expanded its scope to the corporate brand protection market in a bid to respond to the ongoing expansion of counterfeit products globally. In addition to its existing covert brand protection product, SICPAGUARD®, SICPA recently launched a new optical security technology, QUAZAR®. With the launch of its latest visual security technology and the exclusive contract with NANOBRICK, SICPA aims to address brand protection market needs, and plans to further develop its footprint across Asia where there is ever-increasing demand.

NANOBRICK plans to continuously expand the reach of its domestic security market by launching QUAZAR®, a versatile security product that is easily identifiable by consumers. SICPAGUARD® will also be rolled out in the months to come.


Founded in Lausanne in 1927, SICPA provides secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services, integrating material-based covert features and digital technologies. At the forefront of research and innovation, operating on five continents, SICPA inks and special features protect the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents. Every day, governments, companies and millions of people rely on us to protect the integrity and value of their currency, personal identity, products and brands.


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