Digital identity - Customer Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

Tackling the biggest challenges of the digital era

Identity theft and fraud, data privacy breaches, cybersecurity threats, compliance with evolving regulation and transition from legacy to modern systems are some of the biggest challenges of the digital era

How can governments, businesses and people harness new technologies to build trust and prosper in this new age?

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Trusted relationships

For government and private service providers, Digital Identity is the first step in building strong customer relationships and maintaining trust and loyalty. 

Self-sovereign Digital Identity is a user-centric technology that puts control over data into the hands of owners, backed by secure and compliant verification. Individual users have full control over their online identities, improving privacy and convenience. 

This creates brand new opportunities for interaction between governments and people, and seamless collection and exchange of data within and between public institutions, with private companies, person-to-person and across borders.

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Issuance of Digital Residence Cards