Blockchain Securing Sensitive Corporate Data


SGT (a joint venture between SICPA and Guardtime) and Bondpartners (via its subsidiary SwissTruth) have entered into a partnership with a view to the development, operation and distribution of a hyper-secure digital platform (Digital Integrity Platform) for businesses based in Switzerland. First application: a registry for unlisted companies bringing together information about the shareholding structure, general meetings, shares and the management bodies.

How can Swiss companies provide digital security and certification for data, processes and transactions in order to make them immutable, traceable and unforgeable?


In response to such needs, SICPA-Guardtime and Bondpartners have decided to cooperate on the development of a platform that will use a proprietary technology based on the “Digital Integrity Platform” concept. The data entrusted to them will benefit from a hitherto unprecedented level of security, integrity, confidentiality and traceability generating a very high degree of trust (Trust by design) facilitating auditability. These unique performances are based on the KSI® blockchain technology by Guardtime (in production since 2008 to secure all aspects of the digital society in Estonia), uniquely coupled to the most advanced digital technologies.


The first application carried out by SICPA-Guardtime as part of this partnership, launched and financed by SwissTruth with the help of Bondpartners and private investors, builds on this cutting-edge technology. This first register will enable businesses established in Switzerland to store and manage easily, effectively and in total security, all of their vital and sensitive data relating in particular to the shareholding structure, management of general meetings, identity of the official bodies, transfer of share ownership etc. This solution will also provide a highly secure and easy to use response to the new legal requirements regarding shareholding.


Bondpartners and SICPA-Guardtime have recognized the need for every private economic entity to protect essential data about its business. Now that information has become one of the most precious assets of stakeholders in the economy, it is imperative to establish the veracity of all information, prove its integrity and make sure that it remains inviolate. All these kinds of protection will be provided for businesses to the future clients of SwissTruth and SICPA-Guardtime who will therefore have the opportunity to arrange for the development of their own secure registers with the appropriate application functionalities for the domain concerned field.


The developments undertaken jointly by SwissTruth and SICPA-Guardtime for several months now demonstrate the excellent performance of the technology that is used. All objectives of security and flexibility for the user have been achieved. The partners are therefore continuing to work on the finalization of a first functional version which will be presented in early October 2018 and become operational in 2019.



Bondpartners is a financial company founded in 1972 in Lausanne, Switzerland, active in the inter-professional dealing in securities, market making and maintenance and the execution of orders issued by independent managers. It is authorised and supervised by FINMA as a securities dealer. For many years it has offered market making services for the shares in small and medium-sized companies that are not listed on the stock market (HelveticA).


SICPA, founded in 1927 in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification, traceability solutions and services and a long-trusted advisor to governments, central banks, high-security printers and industry. High-technology security inks are at the core of the company’s expertise: SICPA inks and security features protect the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from counterfeiting and fraud. For the past 20 years, the company has also combined material-based security features with digital technologies to offer tax reconciliation solutions and other excise taxes related services to governments, including product authentication, traceability and production control. SICPA has recently partnered with technology providers to jointly develop blockchain-based digital integrity solutions. SICPA offers solutions which Enable Trust in a digitized world.


Guardtime is the world’s leading blockchain platform company, using its KSI Blockchain stack to build enterprise, telecom and government solutions. The company was founded in Estonia in 2007, where its products are used to underpin Estonian digital society and has since expanded with a presence in the UK, Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Example solutions that the company has built, working with industry partners, include GDPR compliance as a service, physical anti-counterfeit, marine insurance data exchange, physical supply chain track and trace, digital content management, software lifecycle management, critical infrastructure protection and health-care interoperability.