SICPA Receives Innovation & Quality Award

SICPA Receives Innovation & Quality Award from Wine Business IQ

SICPA is proud to announce that it received an INNOVATION + QUALITY award at the Innovation + Quality 2017 Conference (produced by Wine Business Monthly) for its innovative security solutions to protect brands from counterfeiting and fraud. These awards spotlight the most innovative products and services for ultra-premium wineries.


«Each year, the IQ Advisory Board, comprised of winemakers and winery owners, and the Wine Business Monthly editorial team hand-select today’s most innovative products they feel have the potential to significantly shape the future of the wine industry. It is through these innovations that wine quality is advanced. Anti-counterfeiting technology is essential to maintaining authenticity of the world’s leading ultra-premium wine brands,» — said Eric Jorgensen, publisher of Wine Business Monthly, founder of the Innovation + Quality conference and the industry’s leading news source


«We are honored to receive this award for innovation in wine security. We see it as a testament to the growing awareness and need for security in the industry,» said — SICPA Product Security Vice President Rich Einhorn. «It is SICPA’s goal to offer solutions that protect wines while adding to the appeal of a bottle design with flexible, cost-effective integration of security features into label and capsule designs,» — he continued.


As global demand for quality wines rises and the risk of counterfeits, diversion and refilling increases, wine lovers and growers seek reassurance about product authenticity and origin. SICPA’s multilayered security solutions help fight counterfeiting and fraud through attractive design elements like vibrant color changing inks and polarized light effects that also make a wine bottle stand out on the shelf, enticing consumers to pick it up and engage with it.



SICPA’s comprehensive solutions seamlessly integrate unique security features into capsule, label and seal designs without the need for special equipment or modification of production processes. From overt security features that allow authentication with the naked eye to covert features that require the use of hand-held proprietary devices or smartphones, SICPA can customize a solution tailored to your brand’s unique needs.  
Wine Business IQ 2017 is the third annual forum for ultra-premium wineries focused on cutting-edge innovations that advance wine quality. The conference features product and technology demonstrations and exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations in the ultra-premium winemaking, grape growing, packaging and direct-to-consumer sales. This event is produced by Wine Business Monthly, the leading print publication for the wine industry, in partnership with Napa Valley Vintners and the Napa County Farm Bureau.  
About SICPA  
SICPA is a trusted global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions. With high-technology security inks at the core of its expertise, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents, and a wide range of consumer and industrial products. It offers solutions and services to governments and industry, ensuring product authentication, traceability and protection as well as tax reconciliation.  
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