SICPATRACE® Added to the WCO Databank

SICPATRACE® Added to the WCO Databank on Advanced Technology

We are pleased to announce that SICPATRACE®, SICPA’s proven secure track and trace system deployed for the protection of tax revenue and the fight against illicit trade and counterfeiting, now features in the World Customs Organisation (WCO) Databank on Advanced Technology.
The Databank is maintained by the WCO for the benefit of its Members and their Customs Administrations. It contains information about technical equipment available in the market place that can assist Customs Administrations to secure international trade supply chain and manage the cross-border movement of people and goods.
The Databank can be accessed through (link updated in 2019 to the WCO Technology Network):
Reference of SICPATRACE® in the WCO Databank on Advanced Technology (July 2012)


The protection of tax revenue and the fight against illicit commerce and counterfeiting are among the priorities of most governments today. To reach its fiscal policy and public health objectives, Finance Ministries in the world can count on an integrated system of acquisition and management of data on the production and import of relevant products. The SICPATRACE® security platform can accommodate numerous products, by governmental decision, so as to protect licit industries and help promote the conditions suitable for economic development and the investment climate.
SICPATRACE® is a proven Secure Track & Trace solution that provides all the functionalities and features to successfully address illicit activities of smuggling and counterfeiting, to fully protect the products' integrity, and to secure their supply chain. For that purpose, the SICPATRACE® platform combines unique and proprietary security technologies with traditional tracking technologies, to provide security coding, code scanning, field auditing, and secure data management.
Comments: SICPA is a private Swiss company, founded in 1927, with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. At the core of SICPA's security expertise are high-technology security inks that protect a majority of the world's banknotes, identity documents as well as many other valuable documents from counterfeiting and fraud. The company employs over 2800 people and is established in 27 countries on 5 continents, with products sold in many countries worldwide. SICPA is a trusted advisor to governments, central banks and high-security printers. The Government Security Solutions Division of SICPA, founded in 2001, protects billions of consumer products. Building on the heritage and the global experience of its security ink business, SICPA Government Security Solutions has established itself as the provider of a new security standard that integrates ink-based covert features and sophisticated track and trace technology for product authentication and excise tax enhancement. SICPA has Product Security operational centres in Switzerland, the United States, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia and Spain. To date, it is the only organisation in the world to have successfully installed secure track and trace systems that are independently run and controlled by governments only. These systems monitor hundreds of tobacco and beverage production lines worldwide, which results in more than 77 billion individual consumer products secured by SICPA Government Security Solutions S.A. every year.”
Complete Databank reference available here (link updated in 2019).