Universal digital identity, for everyone, everywhere

UNIVERSAL DIGITAL IDENTITY - For everyone, everywhere

Government: the guarantor

Governments are tasked with providing every citizen, and all people living within a country’s borders, with equal access to digital services and resources. Yet millions of people are excluded from access today because they lack a formal digital identity. And many more are unable to use a digital identity securely and smoothly.


What factors drive the push for achieving better digital identity?


  • Inclusivitythe need for equal, convenient, secure and compatible access for everyone regardless of individual economic or social circumstances.


  • Data privacy, protection & consent – the need to preserve privacy and enable a person’s consent over data disclosure while reducing data management risks and constraints for governments.


  • Cross-domain and cross-border compatibility the need for trusted verification of credentials, within nations, across regions and globally, that also allows seamless integration with existing systems.


  • Data portability– the need to reuse individual credentials across an unlimited range of public and private services in order to speed up adoption.