Fuel marking inspection and monitoring

When all fuel products sold in the nation have been marked with SICPA's forensic markers, mobile laboratories (vehicles) outfitted with portable analyzers and advanced technological capabilities are sent out to test fuel samples right there in the retail network.

The most powerful tax maximisation platform on the market - proven in many countries to be the best way to maximise tax revenues due to its speed, flexibility, mobility, accuracy and robustness.

- Immediate and conclusive results in the field (forensic evidence) - The fastest, most secure analysis and reporting methods, leading to the fastest sanitation of the fuel supply chain. Data-driven and forensic enforcement.
- Strongest integrity - The most reliable fuel integrity solution through robust field analysis transmitted in real-time to the central server.
- National Security - Increases the security of the country by cutting off one of the sources of funding for organised crime.

Economic operators
- Fair competitive environment 
- Increased sales for legitimate operators who win market share from illicit traders

- Purchased fuel meets quality standards and protects the car engine from substandard fuels.
- Quality fuel helps to protect health and the environment, as substandard fuels cause higher emissions.

The most powerful 

tax maximisation platform 

on the market