Stakeholder Validation Device

Players in the oil and gas supply chain want to be sure of the legitimacy of the petroleum products delivered to them before accepting them.  

SICPA has developed the SVD solution which enables them to physically and quantitatively verify the fuel delivered to them before agreeing to unload these products into their tanks.


The SVD enables supply chain operators to verify for themselves the physical legality of the petroleum products they receive.

Compliance by operators is further reinforced as consignees have the means to refuse delivery of non-compliant products, which are immediately detected by the SVD.

Thanks to all SVD tests performed by operators in the supply chain, which are transmitted in real time to the central database, the authorities have a detailed view of all non-compliances and associated actors throughout the country, enabling them to map risks and act accordingly.

Physically and quantitatively 
verify fuel 
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Stakeholder Validation Device