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Vaxtrac platform meets the new EU & WHO Standards for health certificates

Allied Identity, a founding member of the Vaxtrac Coalition, today announced that its platform is now in conformance with the EU-European Council’s
regulation on a Digital Green Health Certificate and the World Health Organization’s data elements standards. These standards, developed by the European Union and the World Health Organization governs the adoption of a common set of information that can be presented to show proof of immunity, a vaccination or a test. Just as the paper-based International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (Yellow Card) provided for proof of yellow fever and other vaccinations, this newer information set is designed to be fraud proof and digital in its core format.


There are many “health passport” solutions that have been proposed and piloted in the market. None of these conform with these new standards and the data models are often ill defined. 


All immunization systems and accompanying credentials need to support strong binding to a trusted identity, authentication without dependence on or connectivity to the internet, and privacy protected data that is in the control of the end user. The Vaxtrac platform is available today and is built on these principles. 


The Vaxtrac platform also supports inclusivity by providing credentials that work across all domains and in developing nations. The credentials can be deployed in three formats: paper, mobile health wallets (phone apps), and as a travel card that meets the ICAO 9303 standards and requires no hardware changes to immigration systems currently in place globally.  Additionally, the Vaxtrac platform provides governments with strong anonymous information for public health policy.


Vaxtrac is a set of modular solutions from best-of-breed experienced suppliers that provide a complete end-to-end solution or individual modules to supplement a government’s existing infrastructure. It is built by design for interoperability using the CDC 4.0 core data elements, HL7 and ICD data descriptors and standards from ICAO 9303 and many ISO standards around authentication, encryption, and data integrity. The platform is also HIPAA, SOC-2 and GDPR compliant.


Protected by SICPA CERTUS® with a KSI® Blockchain trust anchor, the Vaxtrac certificates can be easily verified anywhere, on or offline. This trust anchor establishes the validity of the healthcare event and is based on the only EU-certified blockchain technology. The Vaxtrac/CERTUS trust anchor enables the data to be used with absolute confidence. The platform provides a complete vaccination chain of trust management, including real-time data regarding the supply chain and how many tests or vaccines have been used and administered.

Vaxtrac Tech Structure

About the Vaxtrac Coalition
The coalition was formed by three globally recognized market leaders with over 400 years of collective government service and credentialing experience. The purpose is to offer best-of-breed solutions around the holistic management of healthcare data from supply chain management to testing and vaccination events.  The platform can be deployed as an end-to-end solution or in modules. It is designed to improve short- and long-term population health with simple overlays or changes to existing infrastructure and the implementation of secure fraud-proof health certificates in three formats. Vaxtrac is defended by 22 patents and the blended architecture of currently deployed healthcare identities and emergency management software plus a 21st-century identity management platform. 


About Allied Identity
Allied Identity makes governments and organizations smarter by providing fundamental software components to ensure the absolute identity of people and assets. Allied Identity secures these identities for specific uses, ensuring the proper allocation of resources and enabling genuine transaction integrity across all domains. The Allied Identity Platform Suite provides strong certified credentials, eSignatures, and authentication mechanisms that work together to enable every process step in a strong Identity Ecosystem. These activities radically improve healthcare, emergency services, and benefit distributions.


SICPA is a trusted global provider of authentication, traceability, and verification solutions, protecting the majority of the world's banknotes and identity credentials and billions of regulated products from counterfeiting and fraud. CERTUS®, SICPA's innovative document security solution digitally issues and secures credentials for universal verification and remote management. Founded in 1927, SICPA operates worldwide with its global headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and U.S. headquarters in Springfield, VA.


About ABCorp
ABCorp’s history dates back to 1795, more than 225 years, starting as secure printers – designing and producing better, more counterfeit-resistant currency for the First Bank of the United States. ABCorp’s products and services have changed, but security is of utmost importance in every product and service offered. ABCorp designs, manufactures, and personalizes contactless smart cards, prints highly detailed 3D prototypes and parts, and uses digital content to elevate the customer experience.