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CERTUS digital seal technology



Issue and certify certificates with tamper-proof QR-codes

CERTUS® is a novel digital solution that enables document issuers like educational institutions, government bodies or notaries to secure value documents. It is a cost-effective next-generation security solution which sets a new standard in securing sensitive paper-based and digital documents, credentials and qualifications.


A new standard in securing value documents

CERTUS® sets a new standard in securing value documents, credentials and qualifications. It combines breakthrough digital seal technology, protected by the blockchain, with a secure QR-code applied to documents. The result is a QR code marking which is impossible to tamper with or forge and secures both paper-based and digital certificates. CERTUS® enables independent and universal verification, safeguarding the value of holders’ documents and the reputation of issuing authorities.



The digital security seal, secured by blockchain technology, protects and guarantees the integrity of the secured data. It seals a secured QR-code by creating a forgery-proof link to the code’s cryptographic signature.

digital seal creates forgery-proof link with document

Advantages of CERTUS®

CERTUS® offers several distinct advantages over alternatives on the market:

  • One-click universal and independent verification;
  • Works for paper and digital certificates;
  • Privacy-preserving, does not store sensitive data;
  • Authenticates the issuer and the protected data;
  • Lifelong validity of issued certificates;
  • Immediate access to a simple and cost-effective online service for managing secure certificates, no infrastructure required;
  • Enables offline verification;
  • Versatile solution, protects any type of data structure.


CERTUS® has a multitude of applications

CERTUS® is a versatile solution that can transform the way in which a range of official documents and records are issued and secured:

  • Academic Records (Degree and Diploma Certificates, Course Completion Certificate)
  • Civic Records (Certificates of Birth, Death, Marriage)
  • Legal Records (Notarial acts, Property Title deeds, Will, Apostille)
  • Official documents (Vehicle registration, Licence to operate, Company Registration).
  • Financial Records (Grant, Loan, Proof of insurance)
  • Health Records (Prescriptions, Personal medical records, Licence to practice)
  • Business Records (Trade licence, Tax certificate, Invoices)

To find out more, visit the CERTUS® universal verifier.


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