Our Code of Conduct and Compliance policies are a reflection of how we do business and how we put SICPA values into practice.

Achieving SICPA’s purpose of Enabling Trust is everyone’s responsibility. 

We can only accomplish this by working together, complying with all applicable laws, and following our internal policies.

We require every employee, officer, director, individual, or entity representing or serving the interest of SICPA to comply with the SICPA policies applicable to their activities.

SICPA Code of Conduct and the Global Compliance Policies are approved by the Board of Directors and supplemented by additional policies or standard operating procedures. They are translated into several languages and easily available to all employees.

SICPA Code of Conduct

Our fully revamped SICPA Code of Conduct provides a behavioral compass that outlines the way SICPA wants to conduct business with integrity, how the company is committed to its employees and stakeholders, and what is expected from every person in SICPA. 

It contains the guiding principles for our standards of business conduct based on our values and our commitments to the UN Global Compact and to our people, customers, business partners, and communities.

SICPA Code of Conduct is available in 11 languages in our dedicated section here.

SICPA Code of Conduct (EN)

The SICPA Code of Conduct contains the guiding principles for our standards of business conduct based on those values as well as our commitments to the UN Global Compact and to our people, customers, business partners and communities. 

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Global Anti-Corruption Policy

SICPA does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption.

SICPA Global Anti-Corruption Policy ensures our commitment to comply with all relevant anti-corruption laws and international best practices to prevent corruption. It outlines SICPA's approach to donations and sponsorships, gifts and entertainment, hospitality and travel, interactions with government officials, petty cash, and facilitation payments. It details the rules and principles that employees and others acting on behalf of the SICPA must follow and adhere to.

Global Anti-Corruption Policy 

(EN, FR, ES, PT, AL, CN, GE, ID, RU, TH, TR)

SICPA's Global Anti-Corruption Policy details our commitment to complying with anti-corruption laws and international best practices to prevent corruption. 

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Global Foreign Trade Control Policy

The global nature of SICPA's business means that many of our operations may be subject to Foreign Trade Controls ("FTCs"), the national and international laws that regulate economic sanctions and export controls.

SICPA Global Trade Control Policy sets out the guidelines that the company must follow to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing restrictions on international trade, in particular those imposed by Switzerland, the EU, and the USA. 

Global Foreign Trade Control Policy

(EN, FR, ES, PT)

SICPA's Global Foreign Trade Control Policy is our guide to compliance with applicable export laws and sanctions regulations. 

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Global Competition Law Policy

As a global company, SICPA must comply with national and international laws and regulations governing competition issues in the various countries in which it operates and must maintain high standards of integrity in its business transactions.

SICPA Global Competition Law Policy regulates the company's commitment to conduct its business in full compliance with competition laws around the world and to preserve the competitive and free enterprise system that is the foundation of the free market economy.

Global Competition Law Policy

(EN, FR, ES, PT, CN, TR)

SICPA's Global Competition Law Policy ensures that all SICPA employees and anyone acting on SICPA's behalf comply with applicable competition laws. 

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SICPA Supplier Code of Conduct

SICPA is responsible for ensuring that SICPA products and services are produced in a value chain that meets international standards.  This Supplier Code of Conduct summarizes SICPA's expectations, particularly in the areas of business ethics, labor, confidentiality, product compliance, and business continuity.

SICPA Supplier Code of Conduct

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In the complex world in which we operate, our values are our people’s compass. They are fundamental to who we are and what we stand for, and they help us act in a way that is consistent with our common culture.
Social Responsibility
SICPA is committed to making a positive social impact in the communities in which it operates and to ensuring the well-being and safety of its employees.