Social Responsibility

SICPA is committed to making a positive social impact in the communities in which it operates and to ensuring the well-being and safety of its employees.

Talent attraction, retention and development

SICPA is recognised as one of the best employers in Switzerland and enjoys a high staff retention rate. 


In line with the evolution of society and the challenges posed by technological development, digitalisation and cyber security, major efforts are being made to strengthen employee expertise and attract new talent. The company must adapt to the needs of this talent, a younger generation that expects greater flexibility, teleworking and a better work-life balance.
















Following its HR Policy, SICPA offers learning opportunities at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to continuous learning, executive education or post-career programmes. All employees have access regardless of their grade or position.

Diversity inclusion and equal opportunities

For SICPA, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities mean ensuring equal treatment and working conditions regardless of gender, culture or religion. We are committed to eliminating bias and discrimination in all our internal processes globally.


More information on the Diversity page.



Working conditions & Safety

SICPA’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S) covers all of SICPA’s employees, contractors, activities and workplaces worldwide. The company has implemented rigorous health and safety 
processes, which have been recognised with ISO 45001 certification.

The company keeps track of all occupational hazards arising from its activities and ensures that they are adequately and effectively mitigated, at all its manufacturing sites.

SICPA ensures that the same high-quality of standards is applied in each entity regarding working conditions and financial securities.

Communities support

SICPA is keen to positively impact the communities in which it operates and participates in social, cultural, educational, environmental and scientific activities, often with the active involvement of its own employees. 

In 2022, SICPA contributed approximately CHF 715,000 to 52 projects in its countries of operation. Numerous examples are described in the company’s CSR / Sustainability reports of these last ten years.


Kenya, Indigenous tree planting

Pakistan, Clean water projects

LATAM, Covid-19 community support

Switzerland, Cultural Projects

Switzerland, TEDxLausanne

Switzerland, IRP

Colombia, ConTreBute

Chile, Recycling project

USA, Against Child Trafficking

Albania, Durres earthquake

Spain, A smile for Christmas

Switzerland, Sport, health and well-being project

Switzerland, EPFL - Project "24"

Switzerland, Academic partners

Switzerland, Arboretum

Switzerland, La Nuit des Musées

Pakistan, Health support

Pakistan, Education

Pakistan, CSR awards

Mozambique, Idai cyclone

2022 Sustainability Report

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