Digital Identity

Digital Identity,
a privilege for many, a need for all

SICPA Digital Identity Solutions enable governments to create and deploy a trusted and inclusive identity ecosystem while preserving sovereign authority. 

SICPA’s decentralised digital identity platform is founded on global interoperable and self-sovereign identity standards, allowing seamless accessibility and adoption.

Providing citizens, governments and businesses worldwide with fast, simple, convenient and secure access to digital services, our cross-border and cross-domain solutions offer the secure digital equivalent to today’s physical credentials (residence permits, ID documents, driving licences, visas etc.).

With almost a century of innovation experience in physical and digital citizen-first solutions, SICPA Digital Identity Solutions bring identity to the forefront of our digitally-transforming society, enabling trust and ensuring sovereignty.

Digital identity - OLOMEE Solution
Facts and figures
The simple fact of being identified is impossible for part of humanity

Digital Identity - issues and needs at stake-2
Issues and needs at stake
Today, individuals, organisations and companies suffer from a lack of interoperability, fragmentation and insufficient control over personal data
Digital identity - OLOMEE Solution
Digital Identity Solution
Secure, agile and privacy-preserving solution needed

Digital identity - Media -1
SICPA Digital Identity solution in everyday life
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