Speak Up Line

« I encourage everyone to ask questions, to challenge for improvement, or to raise concerns, especially when in doubt. At SICPA, we promote a Speak Up culture by inciting our employees to talk to their managers, to other departments, to the senior leadership team, or to myself. » Philippe Amon, Chairman & CEO, SICPA Code of Conduct

Speak Up Culture

SICPA's purpose is "Enabling Trust". Trust is also one of our core values and the key component to building an open company culture and creating an environment based on exchange, transparency, and integrity, where everyone feels comfortable speaking up.

SICPA is committed to promoting a Speak Up culture of open and trusting dialogue, where employees can freely express their views, ask questions, and raise concerns. We encourage all SICPA employees and external stakeholders to Speak Up if they have a concern, and we listen and support them when they do.

Employees and external stakeholders also have access to the SICPA Speak Up Line*, our whistleblowing system. 

Whichever avenue they choose, their concern will be taken seriously and handled with the appropriate level of confidentiality. 

SICPA has a non-retaliation policy and will not tolerate any form of retaliation against a whistleblower acting in good faith.

Speak Up Line

Access the dedicated portal below:

Speak Up Line

SICPA encourages employees and other stakeholders to raise any concerns they may have. Those concerns could relate to our Code of Conduct, policies, and standards, or to compliance with applicable laws or regulations.

If uncomfortable with the idea of raising the issue in person with their manager or discussing it openly with other departments, they can use the SICPA Speak Up Line (our whistleblower tool).

Available 24 hours a day internally and externally, the SICPA Speak Up Line is operated by a third-party provider through a web-based portal and call center, which guarantees utmost confidentiality. It offers the option to report anonymously and in as many as 15 languages.

SICPA has a non-retaliation policy and will not tolerate retaliation against a whistleblower acting in good faith. Any form of retaliation, including potential adverse effects on your career, compensation, reputation, or working conditions, is a clear violation of SICPA policy.