SICPA at a glance

SICPA is a Swiss technology company that supports the effective governance and long-term prosperity of nation states. Our platform of sovereignty enables our customers to authenticate and secure their vital assets, through custom solutions based on a century of combined cutting-edge innovations in material, digital and data science domains. At the center of every SICPA solution is a custom crafted molecule, unique to each nation. Acting as a single source of truth, these unique markers are deployed across the full value chain to generate actionable and trustworthy insights in real time. Established in 1927 and headquartered in Switzerland, SICPA is best known for safeguarding the majority of the world's banknotes. With operations across five continents, today our platform delivers sovereignty solutions mainly across revenue mobilisation, identity verification, healthcare security, and brand protection.

We protect the majority of the world’s physical banknotes. Our combination of materials, detection technologies and printing processes knowledge provide integrated, reliable and secure solutions to our customers. The reliability of our manufacturing assets and built-in redundancies guarantee a reliable supply of materials and prompt reactions to unexpected requests. In the digital realm and throughout the entire cash ecosystem, our expertise and innovation capabilities cement SICPA’s status as a trusted partner, committed to empowering nations to protect their monetary sovereignty, including Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).


For nations, SICPA’s platform of sovereignty acts as the ultimate guardian against under-declarations and illicit trade in the areas of excisable, sensitive goods and telecoms. We enable authorities to increase national revenue, broaden the tax base, reduce illicit trade and strengthen compliance with regulations, fostering consumer trust and safety. Our best-in-class solution provides unmatched data analytics, offering valuable insights on the market, empowering nations with the information they need to make informed decisions and implement effective law enforcement.


We also recently developed a digital social spending system, harnessing the rich functional capabilities of the platform, enabling governments to optimize social costs allocation with a targeted digital wallet for specific purposes such as education, energy or healthcare, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among recipients. By processing health and medical data, the platform empowers governments to safeguard public health, making sovereign and informed decisions. This solution strengthens epidemiological surveillance, establishes early warning systems for emerging health threats and facilitates medical research, ultimately ensuring the well-being of citizens.


Applied to natural resources value chains, the same platform powered by custom crafted molecular markers, generates actionable, real-time, trustworthy data, safeguarding tax revenues, detecting illicit trade, preserving sustainability and ensuring fuel quality.


Our cutting-edge proprietary material technologies provide industries and authorities with individually customised means to authenticate, identify and ensure the integrity of products and government issued items such as license plates. Consumers and brands are protected and fraud is prevented.


SICPA is also a pioneer in decentralised digital identity which is at the heart of digital transformation. Meeting the latest digital standards and regulations that ensure global interoperability, we enable organisations and people to exchange secure digital data, while guaranteeing privacy, a key SICPA commitment. 

SICPA At A Glance

SICPA’s technological leadership and successful development and implementation of these solutions is the result of the expertise and dedication of our 3,000 employees worldwide from more than 80 nationalities. Our staff includes high-level experts in numerous technical and scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, optics, cryptology, engineering or computer science. With strong innovation capabilities, we hold more than 6,000 patents.


As part of our commitment to doing business with integrity, SICPA is a founding member of the Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI) and was one of the first companies in its industry to be ISO 37001:2016 (antibribery management) certified. We seek to continuously enhance our environmental and social performance across our entire value chain, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. SICPA has been committed to the UN Global Compact principles since 2016.

Every day, governments, companies and millions of citizens rely on our expertise, which combines material-based covert features and digital technologies, to protect the integrity and value of their currency, personal identity, value documents, e-government services, as well as products and brands.
Integrity and Compliance
At SICPA, we all work hard to fulfill our purpose of Enabling Trust and to grow our business in a sustainable way, ensuring that we not only comply with the law but also conduct our business with integrity.
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