Revenue Mobilisation and Conformity

SICPA empowers government authorities and organisations with our end-to-end Revenue Mobilisation and Conformity (RMC) solutions to make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data. From excisable goods, hydrocarbon, and telecommunication services to products subject to conformity standards, we provide solutions that address illicit trade whilst driving increased revenue streams. 

Illicit trade and counterfeiting not only reduce turnover and profit for honest businesses and local producers: they also cause authorities to lose tax revenues. Failure to declare imported goods, miss-declaration of their nature or value and under-declaration of local production quantities undermine governments' ability to invest in social services, infrastructures, schools and public health programs.

With our cutting-edge technologies, governments effectively promote a fair and thriving marketplace; while individuals benefit from living in a safer environment.

Excise goods
Excisable Goods
SICPA provides a secure digital tax stamp management system to control production, import, export, and distribution of excise products such as tobacco, spirits, wine, beer, and other consumer goods.
Fuel Integrity Solutions
SICPA provides a solution to reduce smuggling and tax evasion by physically tagging all fuels across the country, enabling tracking of fuel movement and volume, thereby reducing supply chain disruptions.
Telecommunication Solution
Telecommunication Services
SICPA provides a comprehensive solution allowing government authorities to monitor telecommunication services, devices and mobile money transfers in real-time
Product Conformity
SICPA strengthens existing conformity programs by adding a secure and traceable layer on top of conformity marks, increasing product compliance to pre-defined, market specific standards.